White Privilege + Rewilding

White privilege in the rewilding movement

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    I am seeing a lot of posts on FB lately, since the #metoo movement started, about certain active members/leaders of the rewilding movement being misogynists, womanizers, and teaching from a vantage point of white privilege. In other words, not acknowledging that it may be difficult or nearly impossible for people of color/indigenous peoples to access wild foods and other aspects of rewilding. The response of these particular leaders has been an inability to acknowledge their white privilege. Someone in one of these discussion threads wrote “Lack of empathy means (among many other things) you can’t feel or acknowledge the pain of oppressed people. If you can’t do that, privilege of all sorts (white, male, cis, straight, etc.) is invisible.” What concerns me is that in these discussions, rewilding as a whole is being labeled as privileged and a negative. I hate to see the whole movement being damaged by a few people. Wondering what others feel about this. And what we can do about it…

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