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Reviving Traditions in Modern Day Culture

How is this course facilitated?

We have an online virtual classroom where you can access videos, assignments, and course materials. You will also be able to connect with fellow students and Chef Frank in the classroom’s virtual forum, as well as in the private Facebook group where discussions will be moderated throughout the day. In addition to the virtual class room, Frank hosts a once weekly one hour live video call. If you can’t make the call, no worries, we record each one and deliver it to your inbox along with your weekly assignments!

All course material can be viewed (or downloaded) on your personal computer or device.

What’s included in the course?

• 2 Weeks of Instructional Videos with Chef Frank & Camille
• 2 Full Modules with Videos, Lessons, Charts, and Daily Discussions in our Virtual Classroom
• Daily Q&A with the Chef
• Continued Email Support
• Online Virtual Classroom for Entire Course
• Private Facebook Group
• All Live Video Q&A calls in Frank’s Kitchen (weekly plus bonus wrap-up call)
• LIFETIME ACCESS to the Virtual Classroom

For thousands of years and still today, herbs have played an important role in the lives of people all over the world. From the mountains of China to North America, people have utilized plants for their aromatic and medicinal properties.

Making your own herbal remedies is a cost effective, enjoyable, and empowering way to take control of your health. By creating a healthy relationship with wild and/or cultivated plants outside your home, you can begin to understand their potent properties and become more confident along your health journey.

We want to educate and empower you to understand how to incorporate herbs into your daily lifestyle and culinary creations.

For us, the home, and the kitchen especially, is the core of our health care system. Over the years, we have become more empowered to use plants to treat a variety of ailments and to incorporate many plants into the food we eat. By learning to best utilize an array of plants, we have improved the flavor of our meals, created better relationships with the natural world, and improved our families health.

Just like our ancestors, we have implemented various means of creating herbal tonics, tinctures, and home remedies. This means having a variety of herbs and plant material on hand at all times, to better assist any injuries or ailments that come our way. What has started off as our healing journey, has now spread throughout our house and home. From skin care to house cleaners, we have replaced chemical laden products with pure ingredients from the plant kingdom.

Make the art of herbal crafting and medicine making fun for the whole family

Involving children in the process of what keeps us nourished and thriving from the kitchen — can be fun, educational, great for family bonding, sometimes a bit messy, but oh so enjoyable. Reviving old traditions to be passed down to future generations.

• Create medicinal preparations that can help fight colds, flus, and seasonal illness

• Learn about different herbal tea techniques and enjoy our favorite tea recipes

• Learn How to Make Herbal Vinegar and Oil Infusions

• Dive into the art of crafting medicinal & herbal honey wines with the seasons

• Learn how to create culinary and topical oils  that can be used on the body, in the home, and the kitchen

• Clean your home with the assistance of herbs and avoid chemicals and skin irritants

• Discover new ways to improve the energy in your home

Module 1: In the Kitchen

Creating healthy foods and medicines in the kitchen is one of the most rewarding experiences to have. Learn techniques to getting highly nutritious herbs and spices into your food without the bitter and astringent qualities of some herbs. Receive enjoyable and delicious recipes that make it easy to get nutrition in your little ones.

» All About Teas
» Vinegar Extractions: Spicy, Herbal, and Fruity
» Adding herbs & spices into your meals
» Topical and Culinary Oils
» Digestive Herbs & Bitters
» Medicinal Broths
» Kid-friendly activity and recipes!


Module 2: In the Home

While many herbs easily incorporate into the foods we eat, they can also be infused, extracted, and dried for various creations. Setting up a home apothecary will provide you with an array of medicines to incorporate in numerous ways. In this module, we will focus on utilizing herbs to improve the health of your home and body.

» Alcohol herbal extractions
» Honey Wines & Honey Infusions
» Upgrading your home and kitchen cleaners
» Medicinal Mushrooms and more
» Creating your Herbal First Aid Kit – home and on-the-go
» Topical preparations and Healing Salves
» Syrups
» Kid-friendly activity and recipes!

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