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A 2 Week Virtual Course
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“I’m so optimistic, I’d go after Moby Dick in a rowboat and take the tartar sauce with me.”
— Zig Ziglar

In many instances, it’s the sauce that makes the meal. I grew up in a household where tomato sauce got a lot of attention. Every few weeks my mother or father would carefully prepare a large pot of sauce, which was enjoyed several times a week with macaroni, Italian bread, or just a bowl of sauce topped with mozzarella. In the summer the sauce was transformed into a crab sauce from blue crab’s along the shoreline of Connecticut. Acidic salad dressings often help breakdown over cooked meats that made their way to the dinner table throughout my childhood. It was the gravy that made mashed potatoes worth eating and no summery seafood dinner would be complete without some tarter sauce.

Now, older and wiser, I am able to concoct a variety of sauces, using simple techniques and pieces of equipment to help accent, enhance the flavor of, and improve the nutrition of many of the ingredients I cook and prepare for my self, my family, and my guests.
Sauces have a way of bringing balance to, or helping to round out dishes but most folks usually have a tough time doing how to create a sauce without relying on packaged ingredients.


This course is for anyone desiring any or all of the following:

☞ Improve the taste and flavor of the foods you eat
☞ Learn the Mother sauces and traditional techniques
☞ Adding more nutrition to your food
☞ Anyone who enjoys eating seasonally with fresh organic ingredients
☞ Create sauces that will add depth and round out the flavors of your meals
☞ Anyone who wants to add a variety of flavors to seasonal ingredients
☞ Learn how to have an array of sauces and condiments at the ready to incorporate into your daily life
☞ Have a professional Chef answer your questions
☞ Learn how to add bold flavors to subtly flavored ingredients
☞ Add in ease of digestion with your meals

module 1:

Traditional Based Recipes

Week 1 will explore Chef Frank’s culinary background and put a focus on more classic sauces, where cooking and reducing builds rich flavors over time. Learn how to emulsify, Frank’s famous tomato sauce, reduction sauces, and the importance of making stocks and broths for your sauces. Just of few of the sauces you’ll learn:

• Hollandaise
• Reductions
• Vinaigrette

Module 2:

Fresh and Spicy

Week 2 explores the freshness of the seasons, utilizing equipment such as the blender and fermentation techniques to create an array of quick and easy sauces to add to your culinary repertoire. Learn how to incorporate every day pantry items with seasonal foods to create on-the-fly sauces that will allow you to meld bold flavors and add pop to any meal. Some of what you’ll learn in Week 2:

• Variety of hot sauces
• Cream sauces
• Slow-cooked sauces


• Weekly Instructional Videos and Lessons with Chef Frank
• Weekly Homework Assignments
• Weekly Recipes
• Email Support
• Private Facebook Group
• Online Virtual Classroom for Entire Course
• Weekly Live Video Q&A/Demo calls in Frank’s Kitchen (also recorded for later viewing)
• Q&A with the Chef in the private Facebook Group and Virtual Classroom

All course material can be downloaded to your personal computer or device. Basically, you have the info for a lifetime!

Please note: All weekly lessons and assignments can be viewed and completed on your own time.
All calls are recorded and can be viewed at any time.

How is this course facilitated?

We have an online virtual classroom where you can access videos, assignments, and course materials. You will also be able to connect with fellow students and Chef Frank in the classroom’s virtual forum, as well as in the private Facebook group where discussions will be moderated throughout the day. In addition to the virtual class room, Frank hosts a once weekly one hour live video call. If you can’t make the call, no worries, we record each one and deliver it to your inbox along with your weekly assignments!
All course material can be viewed (or downloaded) on your personal computer or device.

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