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My name is Matt Blackburn.

I created MITOLIFE as a vehicle for transformation. To assist the creators, achievers and performers of the world to achieve profound levels of health and happiness so that they can show up fully to their work and leave lasting impact in everything they do.

My health journey and 10 years studying the mechanics, systems and science of human potential has lead me to a Mitochondrial focused approach to health that creates real and lasting results for those who are committed.

My website is a collection of insights and products to assist you in your health and performance goals. Please enjoy!

I currently offer two high performance products: Omega-3 DHA and Sati Oral Spray.

OMEGA-3 DHA (50%) (comes in lemon flavored and unflavored)

100% Pure, Omega-Rich, Water-Extracted, Algae Oil. 50% DHA by Weight. Our water extracted algae is processed without the use of solvents such as hexane or alcohol. The result is a very pure product that contains up to 99% DHA triglycerides per molecule! This is fully water extracted algae oil. MITOLIFE™ Omega-3 DHA is made from a wild strain of algae that is non-GMO.


BIOPAIRED TERPENES in sn-2-rich algae oil.

The only spray available with the added carrier benefits of the super-bioavilable sn-2-rich oil. Terpenes paired with water extracted pure algal DHA extract goes straight to the brain! These bioactive aromatics sourced from organic lemon and rosemary have definite health benefits, including uplifting one’s mood.

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MitoLife Sati Oral Spray 11 months ago
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MitoLife Omega-3 DHA (vegan, algae-based) 11 months ago
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MitoLife 11 months ago
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